Nikhil Latey


Physiotherapist and Sports Scientist

Nikhil Latey, founder of ProPhysio offers a complete fitness and sports performance solution. Whether it is to be able to walk pain-free, cut minutes off your personal best in a long run, winning international tournaments, or aiming for an Olympic Podium, we use cutting edge physiotherapy and insightful sport science techniques to understand you, identify areas of improvement and then guide you with personalized exercise plans and strategies to optimize performance.

Nikhil has personally worked with some of the best athletes in the country including MC Mary Kom at London Olympics 2012, Gagan Narang at Rio Olympics 2016, and Saina Nehwal at All England Championships 2015. He is working with a variety of sports like Boxing, Badminton, Shooting, Archery, etc., and has attended several World cups and World championships.