Krushmi Chheda Live a healthier, fitter life and optimize performance with CORE. KNOW MORE CORE To enjoy the full essence of life, one has to be fit and healthy to the core. KNOW MORE core-banner Anushka Sharma I could not have asked Krushmi at a better time in my life and today I feel like I eat healthily, I eat right and I am not compromising my nutrition. KNOW MORE Shubhman Gill The meals you eat throughout the day before, after and during practise really helps you to enhance your performance. KNOW MORE



India’s only Sports Scientist & Nutritionist and a former international tennis player, Krushmi has created a personalized consultation clinic and studio focussing on nutrition, fitness, and health called CORE.

CORE emanates from the backing of Krushmi’s educational credentials, Masters in Sport & Health Sciences from University of Exeter, U.K, and Masters in Clinical Nutrition with a specialization in Sports Nutrition from Roehampton University, UK.


CORE believes in bringing a sustainable transformation from within and help people perform better either in their day to day routine, at work or sports performance.




Detailed Nutrition Assessment
Body Composition Testing
Personalized nutrition plan for adults, kids, and athletes


Sports Science Assessment
Detailed Fitness Assessment & Testing
Strength & Conditioning Programmes


Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation
Personalized Exercise Plans
Sports Psychology: Optimizing performance


Mat and Reformer Pilates from Australia
Flexibility and Strengthening Workout
Injury Prevention, Rehabilitation for chronic issues



Anushka Sharma
“A few years ago, I was making a major shift in my diet, I was turning vegetarian. I had been a non-vegetarian all of my life and as anyone who understands nutrition would know, that’s a big shift and it requires knowledge on your part to be able to sustain your life, sustain your health, and your fitness while making the shift. I was really glad and grateful that I met Krushmi who helped me understand what it is that I would need to eat now that I was vegetarian and I could not have asked her in my life, at a better time and today I feel like I eat healthily, I eat right and I am not compromising in any way in my nutrition despite being a vegetarian. So I think, that’s something that I feel Krushmi has immense knowledge in and I wish you lots and lots of luck and continue spreading your knowledge.
Shubhman Gill
Cricketer, Indian Cricket Team
Nutrition is very important because the food we eat impacts our strength, training and performance. The meals you eat throughout the day before practise, after practise and what you have during the practise really helps you to enhance your performance or to be able to keep going in the practise or in the match. Especially when you are playing a match and you have had a long day in the field. There is a lot of wear and tear in our muscles and specific nutrition helps us to recover and helps those muscles to recover when we sleep. If we won't have the right food or if we won't get the right nutrition into our body, we won't be able to give our 100% the next day. So it is really important for us to have a balanced diet or to have the right nutrition for our bodies if we want to keep delivering 100% on the field.






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