About the programme ?

CORE believes in metamorphosis and complete transformation into a healthier and fitter self.

Whether you are someone looking to get fit and build muscle, a weekend warrior, recreational player, or an elite athlete, CORE provides a complete fitness and performance enhancement solution.  Our Sports Science expert with international standard expertise and testing techniques will assess and provide a detailed analysis of your fitness levels.

Based on your assessment, goals, and fitness level we bring a unique combination of personalized functional training and strength and conditioning program to help you achieve:

  1. Enhanced body movement patterns through challenging cardiovascular, muscular, and neural systems at the same time
  2. Accelerate fat loss and improve performance in life and sport

What it includes ?

  • Detailed Sport Science and physio assessment to check joint health, muscles, balance, coordination, flexibility, and strength
  • Individual reports and discussion to explain recommendations
  • Personalized Strength and Conditioning programs to achieve fitness and performance goals. This program can be executed under supervision with our trainer at CORE or can be executed in your own facility.
  • Follow-up assessment and up-gradation of your training plan.