About the programme ?

CORE offers complete physiotherapy, rehabilitation, fitness, and sports performance solution.

Whether it is to be able to walk pain-free, cut minutes off your personal best in a long run, winning international tournaments, or aiming for an Olympic Podium, we use cutting edge physiotherapy and insightful sport science techniques to understand you, identify areas of improvement and then guide you with personalized exercise plans and strategies to optimize recovery from injury and enhance performance.

What it includes ?

  • Individualized assessment and treatment plan developed by our expert Physiotherapist
  • Achieve long term solutions with “Maximum EFFECT through Minimal EFFORT” on your journey to permanent recovery
  • Exercise-based program for problems and underlying injuries including chronic (> 3 months) problems, injuries, neurological conditions, and other problematic musculoskeletal issues.
  • Achieve “Optimal Performance” as per your professional sport, recreational hobby or fitness goals.


About the programme ?

To be able to compete at the highest level in sport, it is crucial to have the mental strength and the ability to overcome tough situations in training and competition.

CORE’s expert Sports and Performance Psychologists focus on the process of inculcating mental training from the beginning to help athletes develop a flexible mindset and provide tools, which can help athletes improve long-term performance.

What it includes ?

One on one online consults and interventions covered include:

  • Motivation
  • Confidence building
  • Re-focusing
  • Attention development
  • Emotional Regulation
  • Developing pre-competition routine